Free People Problems Fundraising Merch

It’s more than a slogan; it’s psychology

As an organization created and staffed by incarcerated people, we dreamed of having “problems” like getting a stain on our new puppy tie or having someone mess up our sushi order. Keeping this in mind allows us (and anyone) to operate with more calm and gratitude through the inevitable or likely consequences of having freedom and choices.

The FPP logo is symbolic in various ways. The letters of “Free People” are open to represent the openness of genuine freedom and healthy people. And the letters of “Problems” are closed and backwards to represent the way our minds are so often operating in error when we see problems – problems that so many of us dreamed of having when we were incarcerated.

Free People Problems is also a light-hearted way of talking about the very heavy topic of the prison system. Buying FPP merchandise supports our innovative, holistic efforts to greatly lighten the negative impact of incarceration on communities everywhere.