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I really like what y’all are doing. I especially love that it’s all positive vibes and encouragement and, oddly enough, it’s just what I needed in my life at this particular moment. I like how you guys speak in regular language and throw in a casual swear word bc it makes me feel like I’m listening to one of my homies.

I was venting to my room mate about how my time is getting to me, I’m not doing enough, etc etc. I’m in my halfway point of a 63 month sentence and I’m trying to break through this plateau so I can enjoy the downswing of it. I’m in the Second Chance Pell Grant program here pursuing an Associates in Science through MATC and I’m also putting my childhood demons behind me going through one on one trauma treatment. I’m also a tutor for other college students in math and I have work release although its currently suspended due to COVID-19. I’m just so anxious to be great and be successful and get out but I have also accepted that my work here is not done. I’m on a path to becoming a millionaire (I was reasonable and gave myself 10 years to reach the goal) & year one has been getting my mental health in order. So your emails are extremely reassuring and reinforce my thoughts on my plans to be truly successful. This journal or newsletter or w/e you wanna call it couldn’t have come into my life at a better time because I’ve been very stuck lately and I just want to say thank you for doing this ?

Angelica Munsell

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