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Under the current process, many incarcerated people feel forced to take whatever programs are available because it helps them get released or they want to have at least something to do upon release. However, simply offering them something to do is not effective and there is a much better way. Incarcerated people not only can succeed but have been succeeding in every career field for decades. Our Correcting the Narrative efforts elevate these stories and our EdTech software will foster many more such examples.

Through our partnership with Sia Precision Education, a startup company focusing on AI for educational advancement, we are creating a platform specifically for incarcerated students. Through our content partners, we offer diverse micro-credentialing opportunities and degree programs developed by top universities. Our software supports students and educators, creating an individualized experience for each user, regardless of background. We have also developed secure chatbots that offer 24/7 question-answering support for incarcerated students who are often unable to communicate with instructors. Sia Precision Education was recently named the Microsoft Imagine Cup ( “Tech Olympics”) UK National Champion.

Once an incarcerated learner decides what they want to pursue and demonstrates sincerity in doing so via the coursework and exercises, we will connect them to mentors in the chosen field and literature sponsored by companies in that industry.

Compared to the current system, our software offers a model that can much better develop and prepare people far before they are released into the sea of freedom. 

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