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Under the current process, many people feel forced to take whatever programs are available because it helps them get released or transferred to a different facility, or they want to have at least something to do upon release. But offering them something to do is not effective and there is a much better way. Incarcerated people not only can succeed but have been succeeding in every possible career field for decades. Our Correcting the Narrative efforts elevate these stories and our prison wiki will foster many more such examples.

With the STEM educational organization EAST and a growing number of volunteers and professionals, we are creating a Wiki (just like Wikipedia) that will house unprecedentedly comprehensive yet organized info on exactly what’s required to prepare for and then enter any possible career field available to people with criminal records before and upon release. And with anti-bias skills assessment tools we will be able to help them find out what they have an aptitude for so they are best able to choose a sustainable path. Most importantly, the Prison Wiki will be founded on established personal development coursework and exercises to go beyond technical training. And once they decide what they want to pursue and demonstrate sincerity in doing so via the coursework and exercises, we will pair them with mentors in those fields and even literature sponsored by companies and the industry they choose.

There is absolutely no excuse for the amount of people we incarcerate in America and the length of time for which we incarcerate people. But until society and the political environment can stop trimming the tree of the prison industrial complex and implement policies that genuinely address the problem rather than play on societal fears and biases, our Prison Wiki is a model that can much better develop and prepare people far before they are released into the sea of freedom.


East is a dedicated team of scientists, educators, legal/policy experts, web developers, project managers, machine learning engineers, and AI (artificial intelligence) researchers. They focuses on 3 primary areas: STEM courses/content, accessible educational software, and AI tools to improve learning outcomes in low-resource settings.

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