Russell Rose

I… want to pay The Community Staff a great nod of respect and show my appreciation for all of the hard work that y’all do. It’s vital that y’all be lifted up and encouraged for all of your efforts in advocating for us behind the walls. Please...

Terry Mueller

Your support added a great sense of value knowing there are people in society who can see beyond a person’s poor judgment, mistakes, and crimes. Your gestures and thoughts have provided opportunities to believe in the good of people, forgiveness is real, and we...

Randy Meyer

I was recently released from Oregon Correctional Center… The Community letter was a god send. It kept everything real and gave me a contact to the outside. A very important point of access to humane life… Thank you very much. I’m enclosing what I can...

Neal Moss

Your organization, your work, is a blessing to me. It helps me strengthen my hope. Your writing is of excellent quality. You express yourselves very clearly. These take intentionality and effort. Thank You!

Bradley Hammett

Thank you for the work that your staff does. It does make a difference and it means a lot to those of us on the inside.