The Many Ways You Can Get Involved


No matter your interests and/or resources, we have an important place for you in our work or the work of our numerous partner organizations. And if the information below doesn’t make sense or interest you, we would love to speak with you to help you find out exactly where your value can be applied to humanizing and genuine public safety and justice work. 


The Wisconsin Decarceration Platform is a comprehensive directory for the resources and events for the system-impacted community in Wisconsin.

All In Wisconsin is a podcast partnership between The Community and the Wisconsin Decarceration Platform. It is geared toward promoting greater communication and collaboration in the field of reentry/reform/decarceration, and promoting the successes, humanity, and agency of people with criminal records. It is a part of a community of podcasts around these issues in WI that work together to correct the narrative about the justice system and how we can better bring about safety and justice in communities.